New Emily Gibbons

We recently received some new pieces from one of our most favorite designer and friend Emily Gibbons.  Emily recently relocated to Oregon with her new hubby, and although we miss her terribly, her new surroundings are definitely nourishing her creative side and the new pieces are as beautiful as ever.  Each one of Emily’s pieces is a one-of-a-kind and always amazingly priced!  Check her out in the store and online now!

rutilated quartz and melanite necklace . $169

apetite and swaroski crystal ring . $56

iolite and smokey quartz necklace . $90

chalcedony and hessonite necklace . $135

aventurine and florite necklace . $98


iolite and quartz ring . $56

crysophase and hessonite basket pendant . $78

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